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28 mars 2021 7 28 /03 /mars /2021 17:26


This data is a tip of the iceberg, you know that folks almost never die because of vaccinations but because of their underlying conditions. Vaccines are Safe!!!

So when Vaccines are Safe guys come with this kind of data you can imagine that their numbers need to be multiplied by a certain factor to catch up with reality.

We are talking here about the data from local EU Vaccines are Safe guys, EudraVigilance, European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports - can be compared with VAERS database in USA.

To get FKDup after vaccination it really doesn’t matter how old you are (Pfizer vaccine data):



What does matter is your gender, ladies need to be made aware of this, the vaccines are more dangerous to females than to males (Pfizer vaccine data):



What also does matter is your occupation, health care workers are targeted and the non-health care professional you can read as elderly pensioners according to me…two groups under attack of vaccination. Below data is from Pfizer jab:



Let’s define dangerous, neatly sorted per vaccine manufacturer:



Astra Zeneca


Why do we see specific EU countries topping that list? Well, they are administering more jabs than other EU countries. Nice to see that The Netherlands (green) will soon drop from the top as vaccine hesitancy is growing.



Also because of the use of specific vaccine per country, that Italy tops the Pfizer adverse reactions list comes form widely spread use:


Link to published EU data (scroll down to Covid):
http://www.adrreports.eu/en/search_subst.html# 16













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